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Welcome to the It Will Be Glorious website.

We are an Alliance guild on the Kirin Tor server.  We raid.  We PvP.  We do dungeons and retro content.  We do a little bit of a lot of stuff.  We're somewhere between casual and hardcore and as a rule we're more interested in results than methods.  No yelling.  No excuses.  Everyone fights, no one quits. 

It Will Be Glorious is made up of members of all different ages, backgrounds, interests, and gaming experience and is founded on friendship, maturity, and respect.
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Latest Bosskill
Latest bosskill: 13-05-02 Throne of Thunder Jin'rokh the Breaker 10 normal        Progression: T14 10/16   T15 1/12

Latest bosskill pic:  13-03-14 Heart of Fear Wind Lord Mel'jarak 10 normal

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We are recruiting all classes and specs. We are always on the lookout for someone who will be a good fit for the guild.
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Thunder Raiding

Squeekykt, May 3, 13 3:29 PM.
Jin'rokh the Breaker down.

Pandaria Raiding

Squeekykt, Mar 19, 13 8:55 AM.
Wind Lord blown away!

Pandaria Raiding

Squeekykt, Mar 12, 13 6:26 AM.
Garalon squashed!

Pandaria Raiding

Squeekykt, Feb 8, 13 8:38 AM.
Blade Lord Tayak down.

Pandaria Raiding

Squeekykt, Feb 1, 13 6:41 PM.
Will of the Emperor and Imperial Vizier Zor'lok down on consecutive days!
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